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Store Home > Videos & DVDs > Fresh Start > Life After Divorce

Life After Divorce Complete DVD Set


Life After Divorce Complete DVD Set


With nearly 50 percent of all first-time marriages now ending in divorce, the Church is seeing more people in pain from broken relationships and families than ever before. How do we reach out to the hurting and help assist them in a Christ-centered way? With the divorce rate for second marriages even higher - how do we help 'divorce proof' new relationships?

Anger, fear, loneliness, confusion, and grief are just a few of the many emotional storms that come with divorce. Hard decisions with children, friends, family, money and 'who gets what' only make the road more painful, not to mention the battle with forgiveness and the uncertain road ahead. What's sad is that most who walk this difficult path go through it with little or no guidance or emotional and spiritual help - until now.

Reg. - $249

Price: $99.00

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